Brochure copywriting

Ban boring brochures, get copy that really sells…

Great brochure copy not only explains your products or services clearly to your audience, it persuades them too. It is a sales tool, after all.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be boring either! Find the right tone of voice and an interesting way to provide information and communicate the benefits and you’ve pretty much nailed it.

It’s important to distinguish from the start who the brochure is aimed at. Copy to generate leads is different than copy that aims to close a sale, for example.  

We also need to consider

  • The tone of voice (how we are going to speak to our audience)
  • How we can demonstrate that we understand our audience (providing solutions for their problems, showcasing case studies, market research results, anecdotal)
  • How we establish credibility and authority and build trust (accreditations, testimonials, insights)
  • How we can communicate the benefits to our audience (use of graphics, reducing jargon)
  • How we can keep them turning the pages (interesting content, useful information)
  • The call to action (what do we want them to do next?)

If all of this seems a bit much, don’t worry. We can work together to develop tone of voice, content and copy to create something that works for you.

Need a designer or photographer?

I’m happy to work alongside your designer, or I can recommend one who I think will be a good fit if you need one. I also know a lot of talented photographers who can help with imagery if needed.