Guide copywriting

Stamp your authority with a great guide…

Most of us suffer from information overload at some point. It’s becoming increasingly hard to find what you want all in one place, especially online.

Guides are a great way to help your audience out, by pulling together everything they need to know on a subject in an easy-to-understand document, whether that’s online or as a physical resource.

It’s particularly popular in highly technical businesses, where jargon can often be confusing and not user friendly. It could be a guide on how to use a product or how to choose a service. It could be an FAQ style document surrounding an issue or an industry.

Whatever the content, it should inform and offer insight, reassurance and expertise. Your audience will appreciate that you have taken the time to make their lives easier. This will help to build trust in your brand and establish your authority in your industry.

I will carry out all necessary research and interviews and create easy-to-understand, user-friendly guides that will build relationships with your audience and knock your competitors out of the market.