E-marketing copy and content

Killer copy that converts…

Our inboxes are busy places and e-marketing copy needs to be sharper than ever.

Subject lines are the holy grail of e-marketing. Without an attention-grabbing subject line, you can forget it.  Your audience has moved on.

It’s not just the subject line you need to consider either. The preview text is just as important. This is the snippet of copy that often shows in your inbox’s preview window, offering another vital opportunity to engage your audience.

E-copy is like web copy. It needs to be short, sharp and snappy. It needs bullet points and sub-headings, and every single word must count. Vitally, it needs to convert and deliver you results. It needs a professional.

Talk to me about how I can help you to develop your e-campaigns including e-newsletters, sales e-shots and invitations.

Need further help?

I have worked with some very talented designers if you need some assistance in developing designs for your e-marketing. I can also point you in the direction of some great marketing agencies to help with delivery.