Direct mail copywriting

Storytelling for sales…

A highly saturated digital market has seen a steady rise in direct mail campaigns.

Our relatively empty letter boxes offer a great opportunity to capture the attention of our target audience and the open rates are impressive.

You can guarantee that your audience will see it, even if it’s just to read the headline.

Writing for direct mail is like storytelling for sales…

First, you need a bold headline to draw the reader in, then you weave your story, keeping them engaged with easy-to-understand copy and headlines throughout.

It should offer the reader your entire story at a glance.

And, finally, the big ending and that all-important call to action to secure the sale.

I’ve worked on direct mail copy and content for a huge range of sectors from retail and hospitality to professional services and construction. What’s more, having spent the last two decades working at marketing agencies, I’m well-placed to advise you on all aspects of direct mail.

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