Web content

Optimised copy that delivers…

The words in a website are just as important as the design. People are attracted by the look and stay for the content, but they want it fast and they want it succinct.  

From that all-important landing page, to ‘about’ pages, services, case studies, blogs, news section and guides, I can help.

I provide high quality optimised website content and copy. It’s all about giving the search engines and your audience what they want, whilst maintaining your messaging and goals.

SEO is king

In a nutshell, this is about increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to your website by ensuring it appears (or ‘ranks’) highly in Google, or other search engines’, results when someone searches specific keywords.  

You do this with well-written and useful copy, bursting with relevant keywords (and by keeping on top of the ever-changing algorithms thrown out there to keep us on our toes!).

Precisely written meta descriptions, strong copy on landing pages and regular fresh content, like blogs or news, give you more opportunities to be in front of your audience.  

As well as writing, I can also develop and manage content for you, including blogs, news sections, interviews, case studies and opinion pieces. Great content informs, educates and entertains your audience, keeping them connected to you, and keeping your website fresh and relevant.  

Not sure what would make good content? Leave it to me. I’ve worked with a huge variety of organisations and am skilled in digging for content gold.

“I want it now!”

Web users are an impatient bunch! We want information and we want it quickly and succinctly. Websites are not the place for waffle and jargon. Your audience has no time for that.

I create quality content and copy that delivers exactly what your audience wants, whether that is clear and concise service descriptions, interesting and useful (and shareable!) content or easy-to-understand guides.

A well-written website helps the audience connect with a business and build trust with them as a valuable source of expertise and information.

Need a website design?

I have worked with many talented website designers and I’d be happy to recommend one which I think would be a good fit for your project.